Walter Fraser Post 108


Parkhurst – Barnes – Evans

American Veterans Post 108

130 East Drahner Road

Oxford, MI 48371


Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 AM


The Preamble to AMVETS Constitution

We the American Veterans who have served or are serving in the Armed Forced of the United States, and since World War II, fully realizing our responsibility to our community, to our State and to the nation, associate ourselves for the following purposes;

To uphold and defend the constitution of the United States.

To safeguard the principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

To promote the cause of peace and goodwill among nations.

To maintain inviolate the freedom of our country. 

To promote the fundamentals of democracy.

To perpetuate the friendship and associations of these veterans
and to dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance.

This by the grace of God.



Officers 2021-2022


Commander. Thomas Miszewski          Chaplain  Hugh Syron

Adjutant.       Rick Moorhead                Provost Marshall  Sarah Eisenhardt  

Sr. Vice Cmd Rick Moorhead                      Finance Officer    Lee Tope

2nd Vice Cmd  Dave Perry

3rd Vice Cmd. James Elmer

Adjutant  Rick Moorhead

Sgt of Arms 





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